Never forget

11 Sep

I remember this day, 10 years ago. I was 14 at the time and I had just finished lunch in my grandma’s house. Suddenly, when we looked at the TV we saw two skyscrapers that I didn’t know the name yet. One had smoke and fire bursting out of time. Apparently one airplane collided with it. I remember the reporters talking, wondering how that could have happened. An accident, probably. But a very odd and catastrophic one. Less than an hour later I saw, live, a second airplane collide with the other tower. This was no accident. Later that day two other planes crashed, one in the Pentagon and the other in a field in Pennsylvania, and both towers collapsed.

I don’t remember what was my view of the world before 9/11/2001, but I know it was never the same. The world became a scary place with people capable of such evil. And although I didn’t know anyone who died that day; although I’m not an American and my country was never the target of such hate, I still suffer with such acts of violence.

Ten years later, the images are still with us. The desperation still hurts us. The people who lived this day will certainly never forget it. But there are other things we shall not forget either. This was not the act motivated by a religion nor a country. It was an act of disrespect for the human life and nothing more than that.

We should also remember the lives that have been lost in these 10 years. Lives of innocent people caught in the middle of a war. Many people have died in the Middle East. Hundreds of soldiers, thousands of civilians. And it seems that the world have forgotten about them. Or it didn’t care. We barely hear the news of the innocent people in Afghanistan or Iraq that lose their lives almost in a daily basis. On their way to work, or at school. Those should also be remembered.

Photo from Dear Photograph.


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