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Moses Bridge

14 Nov

What an amazing bridge in the Netherlands!

Via Freshome.

Mondrian Typewriter

13 Nov

Do you remember that Parisian store I posted about a while ago? This would fit right in!

Luis “Zimad” Lamboy for Kasbah Mod

House of Windows

10 Nov

Anne-Laure Maison combines pictures of windows of strangers houses at night to form a collage resembling some big beautiful houses. A reminder to not go around dancing naked near the windows, right?


Via My Modern Met.

Getting ready for 2012: Diary from Caderno Luso

10 Nov

There’s one thing that gets me really excited each new year and that’s getting a new planner/diary. I may never use it, in fact, that happens most of the time because I usually use my phone to do everything. But every year I buy a new planner that ends up being used quite rarely. It’s the same thing with diaries. Since I can remember, I always tried to keep a diary with all the exciting things that happened in my life, but it turned out that my life was not that exciting back than and when it was, I would forget to write it down. Not this time! Like every year, I’m promising to myself to keep track of my life, every day for the next year. And what better incentive than having a beautiful diary! When, a few weeks ago, my eyes crossed with these amazing diaries from Caderno Luso, I knew I had to have it. With three different color choices, which one is your favorite? A travel diary is also available. You can check their facebook page for more information.


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